The present agreement aims to inform our clients about the obligations and duties of each party, as well as the potential civil, contractual, and extracontractual liability in relation to the provision of swing balancing services.
    It is the obligation of the service provider company to inform clients about the regulations and safety measures considered for any activity. On the other hand, it is the clients' obligation to read, understand, and comply with the stipulations and instructions set forth in this agreement carefully, in order to anticipate any eventualities and have a clear understanding of each party's responsibility. The practice of swing balancing entails the possibility of suffering minor, serious, or even fatal physical injuries. Therefore, the practice of it is a free and spontaneous decision.
    Among the undersigned parties, COLUMPIO VALLE DE TENA (ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE S.L) ) with VAT number B-22418883 y TIROLINA VALLE DE TENA S.L with VAT number: B-22376172; Domiciled at C/Mirador, 13 de Hoz de Jaca, province of Huesca, operating companies for the following contract. The client, the other relevant party to the contract, must complete their data below:

    For the purposes of this contract, the OPERATOR shall be referred to as one party; and the CLIENT shall be referred to as the PARTICIPANT, and this agreement of wills is hereby concluded:

    CLAUSE FIRST.- Parts: The OPERATOR is understood to supply the equipment and resources necessary for the development of activities, including owners, employees, instructors, maintenance personnel, as well as equipment suppliers and components of the installation. It is understood that the PARTICIPANT is the one who takes the zip lining and swing balancing services.

    CLAUSE SECOND.- Acceptance of Risk Responsibility: The participant acknowledges that swing balancing and all similar activities are sports that involve inherent risks, which cannot be completely eliminated even with some degree of prevention, care, caution, instruction, or experience. The participant accepts the risks and possible consequences of swing balancing practice.

    CLAUSE THIRD.- Contract Term: This contract is in effect from the moment it is signed and continues in effect for the entire time the PARTICIPANT performs the activities within this contract.

    CLAUSE FOURTH.- Insurance: The OPERATOR - Columpio Valle de Tena has contracted with the insurer CASER the Civil Liability and accident insurance policy with number 01304314 with a limit of €1,000,000 with unlimited assistance covering the value of medical services, damages, and losses mentioned in this agreement. The OPERATOR - Tirolina Valle de Tena is insured by the insurance company CASER with policy number 01177098 for civil liability with a validity of up to €1,000,000. Accidents are covered by policy 50133109 of the same company with unlimited assistance regarding medical services and the total amount of damages mentioned and detailed in this document.

    CLAUSE FIFTH.- When Suffering from Any Illness: If suffering from any illness or condition that prevents the practice of swing balancing and/or zip lining, or if the participant dishonestly conceals or lies when answering medical restrictions, the OPERATOR is not responsible for the consequences arising from the practice of these activities. It is understood that for the practice of activities, the participant must be in a sound mental and physical state, and it is prohibited to perform them under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances.

    CLAUSE SIXTH.- When Going with Minors: When the person wishing to practice the activity is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied or authorized in writing by their parents or guardians, who will sign this contract on behalf of the minor, assuming, after reading it, in their capacity as guardian, any responsibility for the practice that the minor carries out in any of the activities mentioned herein.

    CLAUSE SEVENTH.- Graphic Document: Participants are informed that during the activity, a photograph and/or video may be taken. This will be uploaded to the BARRELL application for 10 days for voluntary acquisition by the participant.

    APPLICATION OR INTERPRETATION OF CONDITIONS: For all purposes not provided for in these general conditions, the considerations of the Spanish commercial legal system will apply.

    The undersigned, of legal age, guardian of the minors:

    With full legal capacity, I declare that I have read, fully understand, and accept the following statement:
    That the minors mentioned above participate freely in the zip lining and/or swing balancing activities developed in the town of Hoz de Jaca and its surroundings, permanently and organized by TIROLINA VALLE DE TENA S.L and ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE S.L, and that by registering, I accept the established conditions.
    That said minors are under my guardianship at the time of performing the activity, assuming any responsibility regarding the minors.

    The permitted weight will be differentiated for activities; Swing between 50kg and 120kg and Zip lining between 40kg and 120kg.

    - TIROLINA VALLE DE TENA: Once equipped at the information office, users will follow these steps: first, a short walk to the Hoz de Jaca viewpoint, where they will find the departure platform. Once there, they wait their turn to jump. An employee prepares the sliding device and the descent seat, harnesses are checked, and... it's time to fly!! The descent will be done simultaneously on the two available cables so you can interact with your companion. Once the descent is finished, you will remain in position until an operator releases your cable pulley.
    You will walk in groups of 8 people along a forest path (approximately 150 meters long) until you reach the meeting point. During this walk, each person will carry their pulley. A vehicle provided by the company will pick up users as soon as they reach the road. A 4-kilometer journey (about 5 minutes) will take them back to the offices where they will return the equipment to the operators.
    The duration of the activity, from check-in to return, is approximately 30 to 40 minutes.
    - COLUMPIO VALLE DE TENA: Once the check-in is done at the company's office, you will follow this itinerary: Walking to the Hoz de Jaca Viewpoint where the departure platform is located (approximately 400 meters). There, you will be equipped and wait for your turn to swing. An operator will check your harnesses and connect them to the swing system and... off you go!!
    The activity will be carried out simultaneously by up to three people, being able to interact with your swing companions. Once the swing is finished, the operator will return you to the starting point through a traction system.
    The duration of the entire activity, from the moment you put on the harness to its return, is 15 - 20 minutes.



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