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This agreement is aimed at informing our customers of the duties and obligations of each party, as well as any civil, contract and tort connection with the descent in our zip line.
It is the obligation of the company providing the service to inform customers of the regulations and safety measures that are taken into account to run any activity. It is also the duty of the customer to read, understand and meet the provisions and indications explained in this agreement carefully in order to anticipate any eventuality and be clear about each of the parties' responsibilities. The practice of downhill zip lines entails an inevitable potential to suffer minor or serious physical injury or even death -so it is a free and spontaneous choice made by the user.
It is relevant to all those involved to know that Tirolina VALLE DE TENA SL CIF: B-22376172 based in C / Mirador, 13 Hoz de Jaca, Huesca, is THE OPERATOR for the purposes of this contract. The customer, the other relevant party of the contract, must fill in their details below

Furthermore, the customer will, for the purposes of this contract, be known as THE USER. THE USER is hereby informed of the following clauses:
CLAUSE ONE. - Parties: THE OPERATOR will supply the equipment and resources necessary for the development of the activity. This includes: owners, employees, instructors, maintenance personnel, as well as suppliers of equipment and component parts of the installation, on the other hand it is understood that it is THE USER who takes part in the activity (the descent itself and all the complimentary activities).
CLAUSE TWO. - Acceptance of Responsibility Risk: The user declares to know that there is an inherent risk in zip line descents and all similar activities. They also accept that this risk cannot be completely eliminated, regardless of the degree of prevention, care, caution, instruction and/or experience. The participant knows and understands the range, nature and extent of the risks surrounding the activity covered by this contract. These sports can present unexpected situations which cannot derive responsibility to any party due to their fortuitous nature. The user understands this fortuitous nature and accepts the risks and possible consequences associated in the practice of zip line descents.
CLAUSE THREE. - Term Contract: This contract is effective from the moment it is signed and continues in effect for the entire time the USER performs the activities within this contract.
CLAUSE FOUR. - Insurance: THE OPERATOR is insured by CASER insurance company with policy number 01177098 referring to liability and effective for up to 1.000.000 €. Accidents are covered by the same company's 50133109 policy with unlimited assistance regarding medical services and the full sum of damages mentioned and detailed in this document.
CLAUSE FIVE .- If suffering from illness: The OPERATOR is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from illness or injury or for any situation caused by medical restrictions that have been hidden or lied about. THE USER also understands that for practical activities such as this one they must also be in healthy mental conditions and that it is therefore strictly forbidden to perform them under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances.
CLAUSE SIX. - When I go with Minors: If and when the person who wishes to take part in the activity is under 18, he/she must be accompanied or authorized in writing by their parents or a responsible adult. The adult will sign the contract on behalf of the minor, assuming after reading it, as parents or responsible adults, any responsibility for the child's actions throughout the activity.
CLAUSE SEVEN.- Graphic documents: Users are hereby informed that during the activity a photo may be taken of the user. The image will remain on the HAPPIC website and mobile application for up to a week where the user may voluntarily purchase the image.

Application or interpretation of CONDITIONS: For all purposes included in these general conditions SPANISH commercial law will be applied.

The ADULT signing above, accepts responsibility for the children named below

with full ability to act, I declare that I have read, I fully understand and I accept the statement that follows:
That minors above outlined participate freely in these activities: ZIP LINE DESCENT, which takes place in the town of Hoz de Jaca and its surroundings, permanently and organized by TIROLINA VALLE DE TENA SL, and I accept the conditions above mentioned
That these children are under my tutelage at the time of the activity, assuming any responsibility in what concerns minors.


As long as you comply with the limitations on height (minimum 1.20 m. / Maximum 2.15 meters tall) and weight (minimum 40 Kg./ maximum 125 kg.) As well as restrictions in terms of capacity listed in this LIABILITY AGREEMENT.


Users must be between 40 Kg. and 125 Kg.


Once they are fully equiped in the information office, users go through the following steps: first a short walk as far as the viewing point in Hoz de Jaca, where they'll find the starting platform. Once there, they wait for their turn to jump. An employee prepares the sliding device and the descent seat, their harnesses are checked and …it's flight time!! The descent will be done simultaneously by the two cables available, so you can interact with your partner. Once you have finished the descent, you will remain in position until an operator will drop your pulley from the cable.
In groups of 8 people you will walk along a forest track (approximately 300 meters long) until you reach the access road to Hoz de Jaca. On this walk, each person will carry his/her pulley. A vehicle provided by the company will collect the users as soon as they reach the road. A 4 kilometer (about 5 minutes) drive will take them back to the offices where they can return their kit.
If there are poor weather conditions or any other unforeseen issues that force us to stop the activity you will be picked up with a vehicle at the landing tower or the launching tower and you will be transferred to our information office.
The duration of the complete activity, from the moment you are equipped until your return, is 30 to 40 minutes.